Vocosa Security offers consultancy, installation, training and maintenance of bespoke CCTV systems for businesses and schools of all sizes.

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with directors, managers, senior leaders and staff to maximise the benefits of security systems in your workplace. Beyond the installation, we offer maintenance of the CCTV system to ensure it is reaching its optimal functionality, and CCTV monitoring contracts to provide 24 hour surveillance and support.

Our aim is to provide your staff, customers and visitors with peace of mind through a bespoke CCTV surveillance system. At the forefront, CCTV deters, detects and protects but it also does much more than this, offering monitoring of movement through the workplace, providing evidence of incidents, reducing bullying, improving attitudes and productivity, and reducing costs.

  • Consideration of the sensitivity and regulations regarding surveillance in businesses and schools
  • Infra-red cameras
  • Real-time digital video storage, viewable remotely
  • High definition technology for image quality and flexibility
  • Full survey and advice
  • Installed with no disruption or downtime by experienced specialist engineers
  • Training on system operation
  • Maintenance and repairs


Vocosa Security offers specialist CCTV systems including explosion-proof and extreme temperature cameras. These systems are reliable and effective and will preserve any footage in the event of an incident. These specialist systems are ideal for high-risk, hazardous environments as well as premises requiring higher level security to protect goods, possessions and people. Audio signals as well as video signals can add a further level of security and protection.

Based in Buckinghamshire, in the south of England, our consultants and engineers advise businesses, organisations, schools and academies across England and Wales.