Provide your staff, customers and visitors with a bespoke CCTV surveillance system and deter crime at your premises.


Why use CCTV on your premises?

  • Reduce your security costs by covering perimeters with CCTV and 24-hour remote monitoring
  • Provide a safe working environment for staff
  • Increase staff professionalism
  • Monitor customers both inside and outside
  • Protect your plant, machinery and tools
  • Deter vandalism, theft and criminal damage both inside and outside
  • Monitor who enters buildings and grounds
  • Protect vehicles in car parks and monitor traffic and parking
  • Protect livestock
  • Deter non-payment in fuel stations, restaurants and bars and provide evidence when it does occur
  • Identify weaknesses and highlight improvements to be made
  • Specialist cameras provide reliable, effective and long-lasting solutions for high-risk conditions, preserving footage


Key features of our service:

  • Consideration of the sensitivity and regulations regarding surveillance.
  • Infra-red cameras
  • Real-time digital video storage, viewable remotely
  • High definition technology for image quality and flexibility
  • Full survey and advice
  • Installed with no disruption or downtime by experienced specialist engineers
  • Training on system operation
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • CCTV monitoring contracts for 24 hour surveillance and support
  • Explosion-proof and extreme temperature cameras and solutions