Safeguard your staff and pupils with a bespoke CCTV surveillance system and deter crime at your school or college. Provide staff, pupils and parents with peace of mind.


Why use CCTV in school?

  • Method or monitoring the movement of staff and pupils, including truancy
  • Detects intruders
  • Deters crime and antisocial behaviour from pupils, parents and visitors
  • Protects staff from assaults and false claims of misconduct
  • Provides evidence when liaising with parents about incidents
  • Provides evidence when identifying and convicting perpetrators with the Police
  • Helps reduce bullying and reassures pupils of their safety
  • Improves student attitudes, concentration and attainment


Key features of our service:

  • Consideration of the sensitivity and regulations regarding surveillance in schools
  • Infra-red cameras
  • Real-time digital video storage, viewable remotely
  • High definition technology for image quality and flexibility
  • Full survey and advice
  • Installed with no disruption or downtime by experienced specialist engineers
  • Training on system operation
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • CCTV monitoring contracts for 24 hour surveillance and support


Call us today for a free survey and to find out how our CCTV systems can safeguard your school.